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Unietyce culture dagger-axe

Small spearheads

Antenna sword II

Antenna sword III

Socketed axe II


Spiral bracelet

Early Bronze Age bracelet

Heavy bracelet

Bronze pins

Chieftain hatchet

Skipetar (chieftain hatchet in the shape of a horse's head) type Sarviz, Slovakia  c a 800 BC

skipetar's head

Bracelet, Lusatian Culture

Bronze razor

Razor, Gava culture

Bronze hatchet.

Bronze Age hatchet, Carpatian Basin ca 1500 BC


Bronze chisel

Earrings Early Bronze Age

Bronze sword HaA

Antenna type hilt sword with wooden scabbard, Hallstatt A period

Antenna sword HaA

Bronze sword

Flange hilt bronze leaf blade sword, Middle Bronze Age

Bronze swords

Bronze armring

Bronze arm ring with spiral terminals, Miłosław, early Bronze Age


Based on a gold bracelet from Bodrogkeresztur, Late Bronze Age Hungary

Spiral bracer

Spiral bracer, from Grodnica, Protolusatian Culture, early Bronze age

Lusatian Culture torques

Necklace, 1500 BC

Bronze necklace, middle Bronze Age, Hungary

Lusatian culture torques

Bronze ritual knife

Bronze knife

Antenna hilt knife

Hallstatt impresion

Ear rings Chlopice Vesele culture



brooch with spiral terminals

Bronze dagger

Reconstruction of bronze dagger from Środa Śląska, Poland, Early bronze Age


Dress pin

Lusatian pin

Lusatian dress pin

Sickle, Lusatian Culture

Sickle, Lusatian Culture II

Bronze socketed axe

Urnfield Culture sword

Urnfield Culture sword II

Bronze sword based on stray find from Klucze, Poland

Spearhead and dagger

Experimental casting in stone mold, early Bronze Age

Bronze Age dress pins

Antenna sword I


Javellin head

Bird shape vessels

bronze knife

brooch with spiral terminals II

Necklage. Bronze and bone beads


Bronze pendant in the shape of deer, patinated, Kimmerians, VII BC