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Tools and techniques

Tools for casting metal

Clay mold and portions of the metal

Making a die

Die pattern engraved in the plate of alabaster

Die pattern


The first step complete

The molds

Clay molds for lost wax casting. The wax model is still inside

Bronze punches

Bronze castings of the 'positive' die. A little cleaning and the punch will be ready to reproduce in the iron.

Finished die

The die after reproduce in a hot iron and some cleaning

Scale II

A simple scale after several finds from Stare Hradisko and other from the area of Czech republic

Preparing potin coin

Making a potin coin in stone moulds.

Test casting, tin

Making a potin coin. reconstruction of technique.

Test emision in tin

Emissions testing shows the correctness of the infusion system. Relatively easy to obtain casts of this kind could serve as a model for molding (in clay) proper potin emission.

Clay patterns I

The technique of decreasing pattern, using the shrinkage of clay

Clay patterns II

The technique of decreasing the size of the pattern, using the shrinkage of clay. First and last step: 1/3 - 1/8 of Atena Alkis type celtic stater.